The Two Winners For A Copy Of The Toxic Free E-book Are….

toxic free winners

Are you ready to go on a DIY making spree? What will you do first?

Homemade mascara, lip balm, blemish remover or a face mask? What about a bathtub scrub, all purpose cleaner, hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent!? (although I do have to admit the personal care products sound more fun because then you won’t be prompted to clean the house from your husband because you are so proud of your cleaners)

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Recipe: “Light As A Cloud” Einkorn Flour Waffles

einkorn flour waffles

Sunday mornings are notorious for making breakfast that is usually not in the norm. It’s just something about Sunday that calls for spontaneity in the kitchen! For us, it’s either french toast or pancakes since we usually do eggs during the week. (I’d love to learn how to make eggs benedict for a special Sunday breakfast!)

This past Sunday was our first Sunday in our new (but familiar) living quarters; we’re staying with my in-laws until the person renting our home moves to a different place. My husband and I just recently arrived from a week long drive (pulling a u-haul trailer) all the way from San Francisco, CA to Tampa, FL to start our new lives so we were both craving good breakfast.

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Photo Journal: A Pig Roast at Our Local Farm

A month or so ago our local farm, Tara Firma Farms, hosted a pig roast event. Knowing that we were moving out of state the following month, we decided to attend and have one last hoo-rah at our favorite farm. Being a member of Tara Firma Farms has been such a blessing. Not only do they raise happy, healthy animals and great tasting meat, they also have the whole attitude of “our farm is your farm.”

On multiple occasions Andrew and I took a short drive up to the farm and enjoyed watching baby pigs run around and hiked in search of chickens and cows out on the pasture. We truly felt at home and I feel so blessed to have given Andrew that kind of exposure to animals on the farm. He was so comfortable there; he walked around like he owned the place and knew exactly where to find all the animals.  I only hope that because of his exposure to where his food came from at such an early age, he will appreciate and respect the food we eat.

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The Toxic Free DIY Mini Series Giveaway: 2 Copies of the Toxic Free E-book!

Last week, to finish up the Toxic Free DIY Mini Series I rounded up all 10 fantastic do-it-yourself recipes in one blog post just in case you may have missed a post or two.

I wanted to do something more than just rounding up all the posts to show how thankful I am to all the people in the Healthy Roots, Happy Soul community for all their support and views during the 10 part series. Then I thought, why not give away something? Everyone loves free things!

And for the conscious minds that you all are, I wanted to give away something that was… you know, fitting to this series.

Then the light bulb lit up bright.  *ding*
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