Must Read Books

I love reading. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be obtained by reading the right books — especially when it comes to real food and healing yourself naturally. Below, I’ve included a list of my favorite books that I think you will benefit from reading.

Real Food for Real Life by Emily Benfit of Butter Believer

This book really resonates with me the most because eating healthy once took over my life — to the point where it was no longer healthy because I was stressing myself out! I think everyone can relate to this. The more we know about what happens behind closed doors, the more we want to make sure we stay as far away from that kind of food as possible. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid things like GMO’s, pesticides, and chemicals in our foods without going completely crazy while doing it. If you fall into this category, this book is for you.

For people who may be overwhelmed by all the “food rules” this book is for you too. It can be hard to unlearn all the things you thought were once “healthy” and it can be especially hard trying to implement all of them without driving yourself bonkers.
In this book you will learn:

  • The history of what has happened to our food supply, and why it’s so messed up these days
  • Why the so-called “experts” are wrong about things like cholesterol and saturated fat (they don’t cause heart disease!)
  • Nutrition basics, based on scientific evidence and common sense
  • How to read labels and know what’s really in your food
  • From beef to bacon, milk to mayonnaise—how to choose and prioritize healthy foods
  • Techniques for making the transition to a better diet for you and your family as painless as possible
  • How to prevent yourself from slipping into dietary perfectionism, and the damaging stress that can cause
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your food, and truly enjoy it—guilt-free!
  • Over 30 tasty and simple recipes to get you started cooking healthy, wholesome food right away

 For more details and where to buy the book click here


DIY Natural Household Cleaners by Matt & Betsy Jabs of DIY Natural

Don’t you agree that it’s time for a change? It’s time to stop washing our dishes and clothes with toxic chemicals that ultimately end up on our skin and in our body. It’s time to stop having to worry about our children getting into the kitchen cabinet because all the products in there could kill them. It’s also time to stop polluting our environment with unnecessary chemicals!

And can’t you also agree that DIY projects are fun? You can even get your kids to be involved with important life lessons that are learned right in the comfort of your own kitchen. What I love about DIY Natural Household Cleaners is it provides a simple list of ingredients that can be used for every single recipe because sometimes embarking on a new journey like this can be overwhelming without some sort of guidance.

I also love that they actually work. I’ve personally made the kitchen counter cleaner and all-purpose cleaner and I simply love it — the smell, the cleaning power and the fact that they are safe just in case my toddler son decides to get into it.
Here are some of things you will benefit from-

  • 60+ tried and true money saving, natural homemade
    cleaner recipes for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, wood, windows,
    walls, air, and more.
  • We give you a list of the simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic
    ingredients needed to get started… you most likely own many already.
  • Access to our discounted “Essential Oils Starter Kit” taking away all guesswork from using essential oils. Note: the coupon code in the book for an additional 5% off has expired because it was leaked on the Internet.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars every year, the more recipes you make the more you’ll save.
  • You can make hundreds of dollars every year by making these recipes and selling them at your local farm markets, food co-ops, etc.
  • You control the ingredients and know exactly what is going into your cleaners.
  • You’ll be teaching children stewardship and creativity.
  • You will lead and inspire others in positive change.
  • You will expand and improve upon your skill set.
  • Reject a consumeristic mindset and rebel by creating and doing the right thing.
  • Decrease your reliance on store-bought products.

Plus… it’s available in print versions and all eReader platforms. Yes!

For more details and where to buy it, click here


Indulge and Heal by Lauren from Empowered Sustenance

For those of us who are on a special diet like (GAPS, paleo, SCD, etc), having a sweet tooth can really hinder one’s ability to satisfy the craving. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t really have a food allergy, sensitivity or anything of that sort but you are just conscientious of what kind of sweets you eat.

OR maybe you just want a stinkin alternative to almond flour!

Good thing Lauren created Indulge and Heal. It’s a book compiled with tons of amazing recipes like Vanilla Cupcakes with Merengue Buttercream and Coconut Flour Chai Cookies.

Now let me ask you — who wouldn’t want to indulge in sweets but heal their bodies at the same time!?

Indulge and Heal features —

  • Over 90 pages of nourishing recipes, beautiful photos, and healing information
  • Recipes suited for the GAPS, SCD and Paleo/Primal diets
  • Over 40 exhaustively tested recipes without grains, dairy, nuts and refined sugar
  • Many recipes exclusive to the book as well as some reader favorite recipes from the blog
  • An additional egg free recipe index – more than half the recipes are egg free! 
  • Information on ingredient substitution and sourcing
  • More resources for healing

Learn more and buy the book by clicking here

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