About Me

Hi, I’m Loriel. I am a wife and mother to one little boy. He keeps me on my toes and gives me reason to do whatever I can to spread the awareness regarding our food supply and the impact it is having on us and our environment. I am an earth lover, food conscious, dream driven, peace seeker with a save the world attitude.

A random “non-food” fact about me: If I could grow gills to stay under the water — I totally would.

It’s upsetting to me that so many people do not make conscious choices for the future generations. There is only one earth and although some may not believe in reincarnation, it is no excuse to make mindless choices which ultimately results in the destruction of earth and all it’s living beings. What kind of world do you want your children and grandchildren to live in?

I sacrifice many things in order
to nourish my family with real food and hope to inspire whoever I come
in contact with to make better food choices and to leave the world in a
better place than when we arrived.

What does Healthy Roots, Happy Soul mean?

When I first started thinking of names for my blog I wanted something that not only represented being healthy by eating real food but something that also had a deeper meaning. I like to consider myself as a deep individual and I wanted something that would acknowledge the idea of becoming more enlightened when we nourish our bodies and everything around us.

Enter: Healthy Roots, Happy Soul.

Healthy — 

Everyone wants to be healthy right? It’s inevitable if we are truly living a healthy lifestyle we will feel happy. Unfortunately in 2013 healthy can seem hard to come by with the ever changing, contradictory dietary recommendations. One day butter is good for you, the next it’s not. One day you’re made to believe red meat is bad for you and then you learn that animals who live on pasture produce nutrient-dense meat!

How is one to go about these fly-by-night dietary recommendations? Well, to go completely unconventional and simplify. Ask yourself: Did my ancestors nourish their bodies with this food? Or is this relatively new to the human diet?

But healthy doesn’t just apply to food. It applies to life style. Living simply and taking only what you truly need is a healthy way of living. When we constantly want more – whether it be a bigger house, a nicer car, a new version of an I-phone  – we will never feel fulfilled or content because we will forever be in the hunt for more.

Roots — 

Represents our traditional life styles and cultures which is something we as a culture have become completely disconnected to. Just the simple act of not knowing where our food has come from is something that distresses me. This is one of the main reasons I believe we have become so unhealthy and mindless as a society.

Roots represents one’s ability to ground themselves to the earth. When we are grounded and stable, we gain a certain appreciation for all living things and become aware of how the choices we make affect future generations.

It’s also the ability to disconnect from technology and take a walk in the wilderness. Walk barefoot on the grass. Get our hands dirty in the garden we grew ourselves. These are things we have done as a culture for a long time but only until recently have become disconnected to. Until we go back to our roots, we may never live a life completely fulfilled and satisfied life.


Everyone seems to be in the pursuit of happiness these days and unfortunately a lot of people look to happiness in materialistic things — they will forever be on the pursuit of happiness this way. I believe in order to be happy, we have to feel happy on the inside and one way we can do this is to nourish our souls with the things that matter, like nutrient dense foods, healthy relationships, and a higher sense of awareness.

I believe happiness is found in simple things. In a world that makes everything complicated and confusing, it is imperative to live simply, love fully and be aware of everything around us.


If you combine all the things I mentioned above there is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve a feeling of fulfillment. Everyone wants to live a satisfied life because ultimately that means we are genuinely happy.

I know personally for me, the only way I can feel completely satisfied is to feel purpose in my soul and be a part of something bigger than myself. 

When our soul is full of purpose and satisfaction, it radiates out of us (I’m a firm believer our outside is the reflection of our inside) and starts to effect other people in a positive way. I feel part of the path to complete satisfaction in our souls is to go back to our roots, nourish ourselves with nutrient dense foods, be aware of the choices we make and to not lose site of where we came from, what really matters in life and where our food comes from.

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