The Two Winners For A Copy Of The Toxic Free E-book Are….

toxic free winners

Are you ready to go on a DIY making spree? What will you do first?

Homemade mascara, lip balm, blemish remover or a face mask? What about a bathtub scrub, all purpose cleaner, hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent!? (although I do have to admit the personal care products sound more fun because then you won’t be prompted to clean the house from your husband because you are so proud of your cleaners)


  • Alicia D. (alicia.d…
  • Ruth (apenny…

Please send me a confirmation of your win via email at

Didn’t win??

No worries! The July giveaway will be up in the next few days once I get a good amount of votes on which item to choose.

There is still time to vote on what you would like to see be given away. Click on this link to vote for the Healthy Roots, Happy Soul July giveaway.

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