Photo Journal: Sweet Potato Chips

The only chips we eat in our household are tortilla chips but we love crunchy. This poses a dilemma for us because even the “good” store bought potato chips are fried in oils that I try and avoid (canola, safflower, sunflower..etc)
However……….. The hope is not lost and the crunch is satisfied because there is a solution!
The sweet potato chips pictured above and below are fried in coconut oil. YES! *doing the happy dance over here* Now we can satisfy our crunch with the full confidence of knowing they are cooked with ingredients that fit my standard. Now, sweet potato chips have been a regular thing in our household ever since I came across this post.
I’ve fried them in virgin coconut oil and expeller pressed coconut oil. Using the expeller is better because it is more stable at higher temperatures. I have a huge 5 gallon bucket of virgin coconut oil so I just use that instead and fry at a low temperature.
If you have a food processor that has an attachment for slicing thin, use it. I’ve cut the sweet potato before and it just is ridiculous how much time it takes and how uneven they are. The thinner the better!
I’ve also experimented with the skin. I’ve found that leaving the skin on is the best way to fry these little bad boys. They become bent like store bought potato chips and I find they are much crunchier.

To top it off, I sprinkle a little bit of unrefined sea salt to it and voila! — amazing, crunchy chips!

The only downfall is they can take quite a while to cook and when you are done you may not have very much left to show for all your hard work! Between you, the husband and the little one, you may only have a few left when you are actually finished frying.
Note– They do not keep very well so make sure you eat them in one sitting! <– very easy to do by the way.

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