Reusable Bamboo Towels AKA My Favorite Thing Since… Bacon?

Okay maybe the title is a little deceiving because I’m not too sure I love the bamboo towels more than bacon but it’s pretty darn close. I first discovered these bad boys a couple months ago at Whole Foods. I’m slowly starting to create our kitchen to a waste free kitchen and one of the things we use/waste the most is paper towels.

Oh yes, they are nice because you use them once and then boom, you throw it away. No worries about washing them and no worries about germs (since we’ve become such a germ-o-phobic society) because you can just grab a new one if necessary. By the way, if you are really that worried about germs and reusing towels, consider buying different colored towels and assigning a color to each person in your home!

Paper towels sound great — if you don’t care about the environment and your wallet!

Paper Towels Are Terrible For the Environment

In the United States alone, people consume 30 percent of the world’s paper, each year. According to, “Of the 741 pounds of paper used by the average American each year, close to 55 pounds is tissue paper (which includes paper towels, napkins, facial tissue, and toilet tissue).”

That’s A LOT of paper. And a lot of trees. And more fuel for the biotech industry to have genetically engineered trees approved for production. That’s like a 3-strikes-you’re-out sort of situation. Don’t you think?

Some may argue that many people recycle these paper products so the paper problem is “not that bad.” I’m sorry to burst your bubble but even with recycling programs, a little more than one-third of the trash going into landfills is paper products. And unfortunately, paper towels contribute greatly and once they are used, they can not be recycled. (source)

Paper towels do not leave a light carbon footprint on our planet… at all. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial producer of global warming pollution. In fact, in order to harvest, manufacture, transport and dispose of paper towels we have to burn a lot of energy, most of which comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Each time you use a paper towel, you are contributing to the discharge of carbon dioxide in the air. Producing one 8-ounce roll of paper towels releases about 1.25 lbs of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Take a moment to let that really sink in your brain! (source)

Paper Towels Put a Hole In Your Pocket

Let’s face it, paper towels are expensive! Especially if you use them as your main things to wipe counters down, wipe messes up, dry dishes off, use to clean windows… You get it. By the end of one day you may have used a quarter to half of the paper towel roll. I’ve seen instances where people can go through a roll, a day. 

On average a household puts one and a half to two rolls of paper towels in the trash each week!

Growing A Green Family put together an estimate on how much paper towels would cost their family of four in 5 yearsand this is what she got…

“Based on two of the current best-selling bulk paper towels at Amazon; Bounty 15 rolls, 60 sheets per roll, 900 total sheets ($2.08 per roll) and Seventh Generation 30 rolls, 120 sheets per roll, 3,600 total sheets ($1.93 per roll).

  1. Excessive virgin fiber – 12 rolls a month = $1,498
  2. Excessive recycled – 12 rolls a month = $1,390
  3. Mid-range virgin fiber 6 rolls a month = $749
  4. Mid-range recycled 6 rolls a month = $695″ (source)

Enter The Bambooe Towel

The Bambooee towel is made from 100% organic bamboo. If you don’t already know, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth! Bamboo grows very rapidly because when they are cut the underground system of roots and rhizomes of the bamboo remains intact. The plant then quickly sends up new shoots which become culms. (source) The culm is the trunk of the bamboo plant.

Bambooee towels are extremely versatile, highly absorbent and very thick. No joke, just yesterday I used the bamboo towels to clean the inside of my oven. I rinsed the one sheet probably about 5-7 times through the whole duration I was cleaning the oven and I used it (the same one) to scrub off the grease and grime. It worked like a charm and there was no waste!

They come with a roll so you can actually stick them in your existing paper towel holder and waalaa — you’ve got a place to put them!

They are great for:

  • cleaning the counters with your own homemade kitchen counter cleaner (get the recipe in this e-book!)
  • wiping up spills
  • cleaning the oven
  • scrubbing crayon marks off the desk
  • wiping up paint
  • drying dishes
  • soak up the grease from making bacon
  • cleaning the stove top
  • lining a bowl with strawberries to keep them fresh in the refrigerator (I used to use a paper towel)
  • cleaning stains off the carpet
  • use as a towel to dry hands off
  • wiping appliances off
  • and way more!

I have used bamboo towels for every single thing listed above so I can personally vouch the greatness of these little towels! I ran out of paper towels two weeks ago and have not bought to date so I’ve also used them as napkins as well and they work great.

On Bambooee’s website they claim Bambooee towels can be washed up to 100 times per towel! I don’t think I’ve washed mine even close to 100 times but I have washed one single towel at least 5-7 times. The result? They work just as well as they did before they were washed. The material doesn’t feel as stiff or strong as the first use but they have never tore on me and the absorbency per towel is almost identical to when it was first used.

I wash them with my regular dish towels and when it comes time to dry, I just hang them on my clothing rack to air out. I have a feeling if you were to dry them, it would ruin the fibers and the life of it would be shortened. They dry very quickly and become ready to use again almost immediately.

One roll of Bambooee towels lasted 3 months for me and I did not even take full advantage of the possibility of re-washing them to their maximum. They cost me around $13 with shipping but I only had to buy one per three months. Let’s pretend I have a family of four. If you reference above to how much a mid-range recycled roll would cost me ($695 per 6 months) and compare it to buying 4 Bambooee rolls per 6 months ($52), I would save over $500 in 6 months!

You can find Bambooee towels by clicking here.

Totally worth it. Don’t you think? And you are leaving a lighter carbon footprint. It’s a win-win in my eyes!


Have you ever used Bambooee towels? What do you think of them?

2 thoughts on “Reusable Bamboo Towels AKA My Favorite Thing Since… Bacon?

  1. Isn't your math off? The above chart was for the cost using 6 rolls a month for 5 years, not for 6 months. So it's not a savings of $500.00 every 6 months but rather over 5 years.

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