The Simple Things

I think it’s important to take a moment each day and reflect on what you are grateful for because it is easy to get drowned in the stresses of daily life. Time flies and before you know it’s the middle of the year… and then the end. Maybe you haven’t allowed yourself to take a few moments of your busy schedule to sit in the “now” and appreciate the simple things you have been blessed with. Every day I try to remind myself that my son will only be little for a short amount of time and if I don’t embrace the moment (the good and bad) I will look back and wish I had done so.

The best things in life are free. In this present time of materialistic wants and always being connected to technology, we really have to make a point and search back to our roots to appreciate those free things – like love, friendship, family, a new harvest in the garden, etc – that often go unnoticed. When we ground ourselves with things that truly matter our souls will no doubt be enlightened and filled with gratitude. This sense of gratitude may radiate out of you and inspire people to do the same. Can you image a world filled with people who really take the time to acknowledge what they are grateful for?

I’m trying something new and starting a series of posting photos of simple things that I am grateful for every Thursday. My hope is that you will also be inspired to take a few moments and soak in your moment – whether it be good or bad.

We’ll call it: The Simple Things

Tired baby

Special moments with Daddy

Music class

Making elephant noises with his new elephant watering can

Pretty flowers on a homemade carrot cake

Our first piece of lettuce from our garden

Tapping into his artistic side

Friends ❤
Laying with his “deeuh” “ehmoh” “minnie” “hot dog” and “daddy hot dog”

Enjoying her cake 🙂

What simple things are you grateful for this week?

This post is part of: Fight Back Friday

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