Tuned-in Tuesday Blog Hop #10

Welcome to the Tuned-in Tuesday Blog Hop!

A place where like-minded individuals can spread non-conventional posts regarding but not limited to:

  • real food recipes
  • natural remedies
  • tips & tricks on how to live greener
  • real food journey experiences
  • gardening
  • DIY projects that eliminate toxins, chemicals and all other nasties
  • activist type articles (i.e., if you’ve been involved in a rally, etc)

In a world full of deceptions, lies, confusions, and toxins it’s always nice to be able to go to a place where you know all the information won’t make you sick, fat, or unhappy.

Which brings me to a few simple rules I have for entering into this blog hop–

1. No industrialized Nasties: Please no recipes or topics that are related to or have industrial junk in it. That means packaged, processed, canned foods or anything that has to do with bad fats like vegetable oil, margarine, soybean oil. No foods that have artificial flavors or coloring. Any posts related to nasties will be deleted.

Just. Real. Clean. Food… kapeesh? We’re all happier that way. 🙂

2. Please provide a link back to THIS post: It’s a common courtesy and we can all agree that it helps build readers for everyone. Make sure the link back is not to Healthy Roots, Happy Soul homepage but to the Tuned-in Tuesday blog hop.

3. Please include the link to your actual post: When you link-up make sure you give the URL for the actual post you are linking up, not the URL for your homepage.

4. Please leave a comment after you’re done linking up: Tell us what your post is about or if this is your first time here. Leaving a link in your comment is another way of ensuring someone to click onto your page.

5. Have fun: That’s the whole reason for this blog hop; to have fun, make friends, build awareness. If you enjoy reading someone’s post, don’t forget to share it with your circle. This is the only way we can help each other and build a stronger, more healthy community.

Last Week’s Most Clicked…

3 thoughts on “Tuned-in Tuesday Blog Hop #10

  1. Thanks for hosting again! This week I linked up to two articles (1) How it feels to be on a restricted diet where cheating isn’t an option, and (2) How writing can be an important tool on our healing journeys. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for hosting each week. I linked the posts I have done this week, including, a mystery essential oil that does more than you would believe! See if you can guess which one it is!

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