Is Real Food Making You Crazy?! Plus, A Giveaway!

Once upon a year ago when I first had my food epiphany I was dumbfounded by how much of the dietary “stuff” was a lie! It started with a forwarded email by my husband’s godmother about why babies shouldn’t have rice cereal and was quickly followed with myself finding raw butter to mix with the homemade baby food I was making.

Having my food epiphany was a blessing but for a while there I was literally driving myself crazy. Every time I would go out to eat I’d have all these crazy thoughts running through my mind. Eventually they ruled me. I could not enjoy my meal, at all. It was stressing me out and I was worried all the time. I’d think about how the meat probably came from a factory farm. Which led me to think about how unhappy and unhealthy those poor animals were. If I brought myself to eating it, I’d feel a pang of guilt as soon as I’d finish my meal because I was not eating the way I was advocating. How could I be so hypocritical?

Food was on my mind, 24/7. And I don’t mean I was thinking about eating food 24/7 — I mean, I couldn’t help but drive myself crazy about how so many things, in all actuality, were ran by big corporations, were manipulated and aimed to brainwash us so we just blindly ate them as if they were the only thing to eat.

I couldn’t handle how corrupt the system was and I equally couldn’t handle the fact that so many things were branded and marketed as healthy but weren’t. How could these people do that? I wanted to do whatever I could to tell everyone all about the new information I had obtained. But guess what? They didn’t care. But I didn’t see it! I was completely engulfed in this corrupt food system and I thought everyone would care. But guess what? They don’t. This is partly why we are in the very boat we are… people do not care. I’d try and talk to people I knew about it and then they’d get all turned off. I lost many friends this way.

My son was about 9 months when I first started but when I really got crazy he was about 1. I dutifully gave him no grains, homemade all his baby food, made homemade raw milk formula, always brought snacks with me and if I knew we were going out to eat, I would make his food prior to us leaving so I didn’t have to give him any of the restaurant food.

This was all fine and dandy until I tried to talk to my other friends who had kids. Let’s just say, I really had no friends after that. I guess I was so passionate about feeding Andrew and myself right that I came off a bit strong. Maybe I made them feel bad about their personal food choices? It’s like I had nothing else to talk about.

So at one point I not only had no friends who I could really talk to about how effed up our food supply was but I was also going in a downward spiral because I didn’t want to eat anything that wasn’t clean — which pretty much meant almost everything that wasn’t bought and homemade by me. I pushed everyone away because I didn’t want to go out to eat — let’s face it, eating is a social thing — and it wasn’t up to my standards.

Food was ruling my life and it was becoming extremely unhealthy.

The point of this story is if you have felt like this in any way, shape or sort… you are not alone.

Which is why I’m giving away the book Real Food for Real Life!

Emily from Butter Believer has created an amazing book that will help you calm down so you don’t drive yourself NUTS! Because the stress from freaking out about every little thing when it comes to eating healthy is worse for your health than eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Seriously!

You have to come to terms with yourself that it is nearly impossible to eat your definition of healthy without going crazy at the same time. You have to let go of all the rules. You have to find your happy medium. 

For me, I’ve decided that I will do whatever I can to eat the way I feel is right, 80% of the time. Whatever food I buy to make at home (I cook almost every single night, make breakfast & lunch from scratch) I buy the highest quality I can afford. That left over 20% will be for when I go out to eat with friends or family or when I want to indulge in a dessert. I have to admit, mostly my desserts are pretty close to what I feel is good enough but there is the occasion when I eat dessert if we are out at a restaurant.

I allow myself to eat, guilt-free because I’ve come to terms that no one is perfect and there will be times when I can not eat the way I want. I am much happier this way and don’t find myself so stressed out about food anymore!


In Real Food for Real Life, you’ll learn:

  • The history of what has happened to our food supply, and why it’s so messed up these days
  • Why the so-called “experts” are wrong about things like cholesterol and saturated fat (they don’t cause heart disease!)
  • Nutrition basics, based on scientific evidence and common sense
  • How to read labels and know what’s really in your food
  • From beef to bacon, milk to mayonnaise—how to choose and prioritize healthy foods
  • Techniques for making the transition to a better diet for you and your family as painless as possible
  • How to prevent yourself from slipping into dietary perfectionism, and the damaging stress that can cause
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your food, and truly enjoy it—guilt-free!

She’s also included 30 simple recipes including broccoli beef, homemade chicken noodle soup, how to make homemade condiments like mayo and ketchup, how to make simple fermented foods and drinks… all to help you get started with cooking wholesome food. 

If you want to win a copy of Real Food for Real Life, just use the giveaway tools box below to enter! Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Is Real Food Making You Crazy?! Plus, A Giveaway!

  1. Would love to win this book!!! Feel like every corner I turn there is something new about why something is no longer good for you! Aaahh feel like it's a no win….even organic is not organic O.o

  2. I would like to win this book because I feel the same way – overwhelmed by how corrupt our food system is! I agree that it is best to try to eat clean 80% of the time. Thanks for the giveaway! P.s. No picture showed up to pin, but I assume you want us to pin this blog post for the one entry.

  3. I would like to win this book because I am coming to the realization regarding diet and food a lot later then most of you. I am a grandmother and great grandmother, but lately I feel as if my husband and I are eating like teenagers. He is retired, and up to the time I became ill, our diet consisted of eating out a lot, and/or bringing fast food into the house. I finally woke up when I had to have a heart bypass X5 and almost died. I have been trying to buy and eat healthier, but I realize we still have a long way to go. Thank you for this contest, and if I don't win, I would like to purchase the book at a later time. Regards, Dee from Austin

  4. I've heard nothing but great things about this book, I'm hoping it can help me get on the right track so that I can properly take care of myself and my family.

  5. I am just beginning to learn about all this real food stuff and am already going crazy trying to balance everything. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. Yep, I'm at the point where going to the store and seeing shelves lined with marketed foods both saddens and sickens me… and where I look at every piece of meat in the case and wonder what the diet and life of the animal consisted of, wonder about the taco chips, the frozen and fresh corn origins.

  7. I totally relate! It really sucks that people just don't care though! I don't want to come across as a snob but I also want to be firm on my beliefs and be the healthiest possible! I am trying to find a balance of what works for me and doesn't completely rule my life either. Thanks for the giveaway! I hope whoever wins can learn a lot from the book and be able to share it with others too!

  8. I want to win because I am overwhelmed. I raised my family according to the rules for healthy eating at the time, and now the rules have changed, and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks

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