Fermented Cod Liver Oil Winners!

Its time to announce the three lucky winners who will soon be able to add this golden goodness of health giving elixir to their cabinets.

And The Winners Are….

Leah W. (wen. . . .leah@ . . . .)

Sarah (whitehusky . . .  @yahoo . . )

Bobbi S. (frogz . . . @ . . . )


Please contact me within 7 days with your full name and address so I can send the information along to Green Pastures. They will then send YOU a gift certificate for $44 and you will be on your way to adding a bottle of FCLO to your stash. 🙂

Please contact me via email: loriel at healthyrootshappysoul dot com

Thank You to Everyone Who Entered
If you didn’t win this time, no worries! I will have a couple more giveaways up soon and you can enter to win something else. 🙂

One thought on “Fermented Cod Liver Oil Winners!

  1. Hi Loriel, do you have an organic saw palmetto which is similar to Dr. Mercola's product, like this saw palmetto? I need to know if you have some stocks and if it is cheaper. If yes, what is the difference between your preferred product from the other one? Thanks in advance!

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