Things I Love: April

Ohhh April…

What I thought would start out as a relaxing, toddler-free vacation turned out to be a crazy fly-back-to-florida-then-heal-an-ear-infection-naturally-then-drive-across-the-country-with-your-two-year-old-and-in-laws-then-plan-a-birthday-party-in-two-days beginning of the month.


But hey, it’s in the past, we survived, we were successful, we pushed forward and now things are not so crazy around here. Although it was not what I imagined my mini vacation would be I am grateful I got to go back to Florida to spend some more time with my mom. I don’t see her as much as I’d like and it breaks my heart she is not able to see Andrew as much either. There’s nobody like your mom!

My sweet little Andrew turned 2 and has been talking up a storm! He recently started saying, “mama no.” Of course. Other things that he’s been saying: “Ah-poe-poe-dee” = avocado, “mama hannn” = Mommy give me your hand, “daddy-sh” = daddy… for some reason he adds an “sh” at the end. He sings the alphabet like this, “A, B, D, B, A, B, D…” he keeps the tune very well and then adds a W or Y or maybe even a P somewhere in there. Makes me smile. 🙂 He also starts singing old macdonald by saying “ee, i, ee, i, oo… neigh neigh neigh.” That’s my signal to actually sing the song and go through all the animals (which he’s amazingly good at making the sounds).

We’ve been enjoying the warm weather here in northern CA and getting our little balcony garden set up. We transplanted the mini yellow bell peppers we started from seeds to the outside planter box (that my hubby so graciously made for me (: ) and planted snow peas, lemon cucumbers, chives, parsienne carrots and lettuce. I accidentally killed my tomato plants (I’m such a newb) so I bought an heirloom yellow pear cherry tomato plant and a normal red cherry tomato plant. Andrew, who is normally very picky about getting his hands dirty, enjoyed helping me “work the soil” and even planted a few snow peas in a little container himself.

My husband and I got a day away from the little one and ran the Survivor Mud Run which was really fun (my aunt totally joined us as well!). I got mud in places I didn’t think were possible (is that TMI?) and we almost became blind due to falling head first into the mud. At one point we couldn’t see much and had to get water sprayed in our eyes. My hair looked liked the predator due to the drying of the mud but other than that we had a blast!

At the very end of April we even enjoyed our very first bloom from the first flower we planted, a calendula.

April – although crazy for the first part – turned out to be a great month and I’m so very thankful for everything. Especially the abundance of new readers I’ve gained this past month. Without you guys, blogging would not be nearly as much fun or meaningful.

I hope you had a good April and I hope May is even better!

Here are a few links I loved this month as well….

  • The Sprouting Seed shares a hilarious story, Honk If You Love Boobies, about breastfeeding in public. You would be amazed at who or what was protesting the presence of breastfeeding in public. Trust me, it’s a story you want to read!
  • I love Chipotle’s cilantro rice but I know they use nasty canola oil to cook so it is not as appealing as it once was. But that’s okay because this Garlic Cilantro Lime Rice recipe by Girl Meets Nourishment is one hundred times MORE appealing (and it’s made with butter). Butter makes everything better, right?
  • Speaking of butter, The Elliot Homestead shares a recipe for Butter Buttons. Pretty much you mix butter with honey and put it in the freezer for a sweet treat loaded full of good fats! Who needs candy when you can have butter and honey?
  • The Health Extremist shares a post written about which indoor plants clean the air and remove toxins in your household. Do you have any of the plants she wrote about in your home?
  • Here is a fun way to garden with your children by Hands on Learning 4 All. Fun for the children because they get quick results and fun for the parents because they have a reason to drink a whole bottle of wine….
  • Do you ever find yourself with lots of leftover lemon peels and have no idea what to do with them? Do you find yourself wishing you knew what to do with them so you didn’t feel like you were wasting things? Wish no more! Thank Your Body shares 31 ways to use leftover lemon peels!
  • Things are always better wrapped in bacon… just like these bacon wrapped green beans by Living Low Carb One

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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