Giveaway!! Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3 Bottles)

I have a confession….

I do not take FCLO on a daily basis.


I know, I know.. we just talked about all the crazy good benefits one takes from taking FCLO.

I usually get on a routine and I do great for about a week or so and then I break it. I get back on the routine and then I break it again. Hey, I never said I was perfect…. I do however make sure if any one in my family is starting to come down with something icky they take a spoonful of FCLO a day until the symptoms go away. I still have not figured out how to get my little one to take it (he is SO good with picking out anything fishy (no pun intended) in his food. I usually rub some FCLO on his bum at night instead. We use biodegradable disposable diapers at night so I just slather some on before bed and by the morning the fishy smell is gone. Don’t forget that our skin is our largest organ so anything we put on it will go in it which is why I believe this method is effective if I can not get my little one to take his FCLO.

But regardless if you are someone who takes it diligently every day and never skips a beat or if you are someone like me who does their best but occasionally goes long spurts without taking it (but most definitely takes it when starting to feel icky) — fermented cod liver oil is something a traditional foodie must have on hand at all times!

Sometimes the hardest part about taking FCLO is actually buying a bottle. Once it’s in your hands you have no excuse!

So I’ve got a great idea to help you take that initial first step…. by hosting a giveaway!

Enter to Win A Bottle of FCLO!
Three lucky winners will win a gift certificate from Green Pastures with the amount of $44 to buy a bottle of FCLO. Whether you are a first timer or a long time taker, this giveaway is for you!Ā 

Just use the giveaway tool box below to enter for your chance to win.

Terms and Conditions: Three winners will be chosen at random when the giveaway closes. Giveaway will close on May 7 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced on May 8. Gift certificates are in the amount of forty-four dollars and does not cover shipping charges. Winners must pay for their own shipping. Must be 18 years or older to enter to win. Only US residents are qualified to enter in this giveaway.Ā 

Good luck!


97 thoughts on “Giveaway!! Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3 Bottles)

  1. because i really want to try it for free before committing to buying it all the time..and I keep hearing amazing things!

  2. Because my current bottle of FCLO has cinnamon flavoring, and I'm not going to rub that on the baby's butt.

  3. i've always wanted to try this stuff but can never afford a quality brand. please hook a sister up, just started the paleo diet 2 weeks ago and would love to add it to my new health regimen!

  4. Fermented cod liver oil is a traditional super food that is prepared by old-fashioned methods that preserve the maximum nutritional benefit. FCLO provides much needed omega 3s, and vitamin A and D. šŸ™‚

  5. FCLO is so expensive, as much as I want to buy some, it just doesn't fit into our budget. I would love to win a bottle!

  6. Just bought a bottle of the FCLO/HVBO blend.. pricey, but my husband and I are determined to provide this to our children and ourselves.. winning a bottle would be amazing!

  7. I have read about the effects of this “super-food.” I really want to try it, but it is not in the budget. What if I don't like it? Then all that money is down the drain, literally.

  8. I've been dying to try this stuff but I keep coming up with excuses! It's so expensive too and 3 bottles would be an amazzzzzzing start!

  9. We would LOVE to win a bottle of FCLO! I've been taking some because I'm pregnant, but my husband won't let us get enough for the whole family because finances are tight right now. THis would be a huge blessing!

  10. we all take it daily! its expensive so we need some free ones!i'm breastfeeding too, need a lot! please please come on and lets win these!

  11. I've heard it's such an amazing product and I'd love to try it its so expensive though. I'm sure my family would all benefit from it!

  12. I would love to win this FCLO because I just found out that I have a cavity and want to heal it through nourishing foods like FCLO!

  13. I have been wanting to get a bottle of this for SO LONG but the cost has been holding me back as we are struggling financially. I know this would be so beneficial for my whole family. Winning a free bottle would be such an amazingly wonderful blessing!


  14. I have wanted to try this for my husband esp. b/c he has some oral health issues, but it is SO expensive. Would love to try it with out the financial pressure!

  15. I've had Fermented Cod Liver Oil written at the top of my grocery list for weeks now. Time to win some. Just scared I'm not gonna like it – I will choose to be brave!

  16. I have been hearing a ton about FCLO and have wanted to try some but did not want to invest so much money yet. This is an awesome opportunity to try it out first!

  17. I want to start giving it to my baby son but I feel like the cinnamon flavor I take is too harsh for him, it has a little bite.

  18. I'd love to win this because I never seem to be able to afford my own bottle of it. I make certain that our daughter gets it no matter what though.

  19. I have been wanting to try this for a long time but was afraid of the expense in case I didn't like it. Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. I have to take this for my auto-immune condition and my son who has special needs takes it, to keep inflammation down. I'd love to win a bottle!!!!!

  21. I've been dying to get this, but keep putting it off because of the price! I'll be so happy to win it!

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