Do Your Part for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth day, to me, is a day to really sit back and think about how beautiful of a world we live in even in all the chaos. It makes me feel thankful we have such amazing landscapes — above and below — to look at and experience. And let’s not forget all the cool creatures that inhabit these landscapes.

I also like to re-evaluate what I’m doing to better this world. Whether it be switching to tote bags instead of plastic or re-using things instead of throwing them away. More and more we need to be thoughtful and aware of the decisions we make because it indefinitely affects what kind of world the future generations will live in – and in my case, what future world Andrew and his kids will live in.

Sometimes it’s not good to worry too much about the future but I believe when it comes to sustainability and making more conscience choices, thinking of the future is the only way!

I thought I would dedicate a post on a couple of issues going on right now regarding our food supply and things going on in the natural world. These are things that you may or may not have heard of but at the end of each “cause” there are a few things you can do to take action and help move it the right direction.

Many times people believe their efforts are too small and go unnoticed but I promise they don’t. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought their efforts were too small! Corporations would completely take over and most of the beautiful things that this world has to offer would be long gone. It’s the act of all the small efforts combined that create such a driving force!

Help Save the Bees
Where did all the bees go?? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the honey bee populations are falling drastically– and quickly. What is causing this die off? If you work for Syngenta and Bayer it may be parasites that are the problem but if you are everyone else then you point your finger to the pesticides that are becoming alarmingly prevalent in so many areas — specifically neonicotinoid (chemically made similar to nicotine).

Over the past seven years, the honeybee die-off, known as “colony collapse disorder” (CCD), has claimed 5,650,000 hives, valued at $1.61 billion. CCD happens when bees abandon their brood with no signs of dead bees near the hive. A new study that came has proven the key factor in the population decline is due to pesticides but also in correlation with pathogens and poor nutrition. These studies, in U.S. and in Europe, have shown that small amounts of neonicotinoids—both alone and in combination with other pesticides—can cause impaired communication, disorientation, decreased longevity, suppressed immunity and disruption of brood cycles in honeybees.

Not only that, studies have shown that certain pesticides affect the parts of the bee’s brain that enables it to learn.

If the bees lose their ability to learn and remember then how do you expect they go about their normal “bee-ness?” After all, bees need to remember where their hive is and how to go from plant to plant.

This is serious stuff. Without the bees, crops can not be pollinated. If the crops can not be pollinated then take a guess at what happens — no food can be grown! This will be catastrophic if we don’t take action now.

To make matters worse, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is getting ready to approve a deadly new neonicotinoid called Sulfoxaflor.

What You Can Do:

  • Urge Congress to step up HERE
  • Tell the EPA to Ban Neonicotinoid Pesticides Before They Devastate the U. S. Bee Population HERE
  • Share this post on your social media accounts to help spread the word

Tell Kellogg’s You Won’t Buy Their Products if it Contains GMOs
This past weekend in honor of Earth Day there was a nationwide rally against the use of GMOs in Kellogg’s products. GMO Free USA started with Kellogg’s because they have been an American icon since 1906 and target/market children and the idealism of a “wholesome” family. They also donated $800,000 against Proposition 37 which means they do not want you to know what’s in your food. What are they hiding?

Another reason Kellogg’s has been chosen to boycott first is because they sell the same products out of the country but without any genetically modified ingredients. Why is it that Americans have the eat the GMOs? We deserve better, especially for our children, don’t you agree? Click here to read my full post on Boycotting Kelloggs.

What You Can Do:

  • SEND an email to Kellogg’s executives HERE
  • SIGN the petition HERE
  • CALL Kellogg’s customer service as often as you can to keep the pressure on. Tell them you are boycotting their products until they remove GMOs.

          Kellogg Corporate World Headquarters
          Main Switchboard: (269) 961-2000
          Consumers Affairs: (800) 962-1413
          Corporate Affairs & Media: (269) 961-3799

  • POST on Kellogg’s Facebook walls. Kellogg’s Company Page (must be logged into Facebook).
  • WRITE a review about Kellogg’s GMOs for one or more of their products on
  • TELL a friend/co-worker/acquaintance. Tell at least one person a day that Kellogg’s products contain unsafe GMOs and ask them to join the boycott.
  • Share this post on your social media accounts to help spread the word 

Tell the FDA “NO” to GE-Salmon (aka Frankenfish)

The comment period on whether or not to approve the first ever genetically engineered animal (salmon) comes to an end on April 26, 2012. We’ve only got 8 days left to bombard them with letters, phone calls, and online petition signatures.

Approving this frankenfish not only jeopardizes the future generations of wild salmon (they are saying it will only take 40 generations of the salmon to become extinct), harms local fisheries, and harms the eco-system but it will also open the floodgates to other genetically engineered animals (cow, pig, chicken). What makes you think once they approve the salmon they will stop there? Are you okay with eating genetically engineered animals?

What You Can Do:

  • Share this on your social media accounts and tell your friends to share as well
  • Sign the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood petition
  • Submit a comment to the FDA telling them why you believe GE salmon should NOT be approved
  • Go to where you can sign a petition, download materials and/or send a letter to congress 
  • Go to your local grocery store and ask them to sign the GE-Free Seafood campaign

Tell the FDA “NO” to Aspartame in Milk Products
It’s been on the hush but the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) are going behind our backs (not surprising) and trying to persuade the FDA to approve the use of the deadly, toxic, factory-made sweetener, known as aspartame in ALL milk products — sour cream, yogurt, milk, cream, whipped cream, etc.

Their motive? Our children.

They believe it will be a “healthy” alternative because there are no calories to the artificially sweetened beverage and because it is low calorie the hidden aspartame will help with the obesity problem. Right….

Aspartame is accounted for over 75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. To me it sounds like a foolish idea. Especially since aspartame is beyond an excitotoxin and actually overstimulates your neuron receptors — the receptors that enable brain cells to communicate with one another. Over stimulation leads to dead brain cells due to the fact that they fire at high speeds. Once they are burnt out, they release free radicals and eventually die off.

Unfortunately, children’s blood brain barriers are not completely developed so it is very difficult to be protected against these free radicals. It also rewires their brains to constantly crave sugary things.

The IDFA and NMPF believe so strongly that adding this artificial sweetener will “save our children” that they feel we do not need to know which products contain the aspartame. In the petition it states “milk flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners should be labeled as milk without further claims so that consumers can “more easily identify its overall nutritional value.”

In other words, if this is approved, you will never know if the dairy product you or a family member are drinking or eating is tainted with a fake, toxic sweetener.

If you are not okay with this, take action below!

What You Can Do:

  • Send a comment to the FDA telling them how you feel HERE
  • Sign the petition HERE

Other Causes You Can Take Action On

  • There are 24 hours left to submit your comment to President Obama telling him to cancel the dirty, dangerous Keystone XL pipeline once and for all. Click HERE to submit your name and add a comment
  • Tree biotechnology company ArborGen is requesting an unprecedented USDA approval: a genetically engineered “freeze tolerant” eucalyptus tree to be grown in seven southeastern states, and possibly the Pacific Northwest. These trees are non-native and very destructive to the natural habitats. We definitely don’t need Frankentrees in our world! Tell the USDA to reject GE eucalyptus trees HERE
  • Tell your Senators and Representative to Co-Sponsor the Federal GE food labeling bill HERE
  • Help halt fracking in California! California already has serious water shortages and pollution problems; fracking will only worsen these grave threats to public health. Take action HERE

You can also click here to view a list of causes you can take action on today provided by the Center of Biological Diversity. I encourage you to sign 5 petitions — I promise it will make a difference! 

Leaving on a Positive Note
I want to leave this on a positive note because I’m sure reading about all the unnecessary and disheartening things that are going on can be a real downer. But if we can all come together and stand up to these corporations who feel they can control our every move (with no consideration for the consequences) then I believe we can make a difference.

The answer is not to respond in anger, hate or despite even if we may feel these emotions initially. I can say from personal experience at times I get angry and sad but have to remind myself if I focus on the negative, I can never see any positive. I feel if we can turn it around and look for the beauty in things, open up people’s eyes to the issues and inspire one another to feel compassion towards things. It’s always important to teach our children about sustainability and encourage them to be outdoors, plant things, and love nature.

A great advantage we have in this day and age is social media. I feel we can really leverage our efforts by sharing through social media and using it to our advantage to get the word spread. Even if 90% of the people on your social media accounts don’t care at this moment, you should never stop trying! You never know when one of your posts will hit them in the right way.

I hope you have a good Earth day. Spend some time outdoors earthing, plant some vegetables or flowers (or even a tree!) and enjoy good company.

And remember to continue to practice your green efforts all throughout the year — not just today.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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