GIVEAWAY! Honey and Kumquat Madeleines

It seems like just yesterday we were all little girls rolling around the van while our crazy mom’s drove us to go see Spice Girls for my birthday… (I believe we were in the second grade). The good life!

Amazing how time flies and what can happen in a span of 10 or so years. The little girl I used to run around and play with is now starting up her own pastry business, Obey the Palate.

Ashley started Obey the Palate after she left her first job as a pastry chef at a high end restaurant. During her time at Garcon she realized being a pastry chef in a restaurant type setting was not what she envisioned. “Everyone is stressed out and pissed off… no one respects each other.”

Realizing that the high stressed environment was taking a toll on her personality she had to take a step back and remember why she loved cooking and why she wanted to do that for living. “I really enjoy creating things and I love feeding people with my food.”

Ashley was unsure of where to go with her career so she decided to continue making delicious, quality food by herself with hopes that the general public appreciates her work. She uses only the freshest of ingredients, no hydrogenated oil or artificial flavors, and does most of her shopping at the local farmer’s market.

Ashley makes specialty pastries for Philz Coffee, a local coffee shop in San Francisco. She is also working on getting a stand up at the farmer’s market and eventually has intentions of starting up her own food truck.

Ashley’s pastries look amazing. And who doesn’t love a fresh made pastry?

There is something special about locally made pastries that makes you feel all good inside. Maybe it’s because you recognize it is supporting a small business? Maybe knowing that they were made in a kitchen with love makes the difference? I don’t know about you but I can totally tell when something was made with love or not.

Growing up my mom used to always tell my sister and I that our food was made with love.

Speaking of love.. and food..

That is what you will feel when you put a honey and kumquat Madeleine that has been made by Ashley in your mouth- love.

candied kumquats

While the shell shaped goodness is en route to your mouth, your nose will pick up a faint scent of honey and vanilla. Pop that baby in and you’ll be greeted with a fluffy texture on the inside with crisp edges speckled with chewy bits of fresh kumquat.

Party in the mouth. All night long.

Makes your mouth water a little bit, right? Well good news for you, Ashley has agreed to make these for three lucky winners!

Although these are sweets and sweets should be consumed in moderation, it never hurts to live a little and enjoy some baked yummy-ness.

What You’ll Win

Winners will receive a box of 10 handmade Honey and Kumquat Madeleines. Once they are made, they will be shipped next-day service so you can get them at their utmost freshness! Don’t worry, you won’t need to pay for shipping because I’ll be covering those costs for you.

To enter the giveaway contest, fill out as many entries as you’d like on the giveaway widget below!

Terms and Conditions:

Must be in the U.S. to enter. Once the giveaway is closed, 3 winners will be chosen at random. Healthy Roots, Happy Soul will contact the winners. If no response is made within 2 days, new winners will be chosen. Healthy Roots, Happy Soul will overnight the boxes of madeleines.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

One thought on “GIVEAWAY! Honey and Kumquat Madeleines

  1. Ashley is an awesome friend and baker, having tried a handful of her tasty treats, I am definitely entering multiple times! I can't wait, hope I win!!!!
    -Jessica L

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