Gratitude for the Mind, Body, Soul.

It’s always nice to take the time and slow down for a minute, take a deep breath and just be. Not only is it nice, it is necessary. Most of us are so caught up in the rat race we forget to slow down for even 10 seconds. My cousin shared this video on my Facebook a couple days ago and it made me slow down and think about what I was grateful for. That day, I was a little more patient with Andrew and hugged my husband a little tighter. I found I took in my surroundings with more compassion and really made an effort to breathe in feelings of joy and simplicity.

It’s important to do this regularly because it is beneficial for our body, mind and soul.

Since today is Monday, I thought I would share this short video dedicated to gratitude and time lapsed photography.

I hope you can take a moment out of your day to just be and remember, today is a gift. Happy Monday!

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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