Since When Was Eating So Complicated?

Calories. Fat. Carbohydrates. Sodium intake. Calories from fat. Calories per serving. Servings per container. Fat-free! Low-fat! 2% fat. Free-range. Cage-free. Fat per serving. __g protein. __g fiber. (Did I miss anything)

Wow, does that give you a headache as well? Since when did eating have to be so complicated??

WHY is it so complicated?

Enter: Rant

I’m not sure why but every time we have dinner over at a family member’s house the topic of food always comes up. Every single time it does, it gets my blood boiling.

I know, I really need to get my emotions in check and stop caring about what other people say and let them just believe what they want to believe. My husband tells me all the time that I need to stop caring and let it go. I’m working on it, I promise. I just need to remember to sit at the far end of the table and put some ear plugs in so I don’t hear the food conversations.

I’ll admit, I’m passionate about food and nourishing with the right things. That is so hard for me to let it go when I hear people talking about calorie counts, too much fat, only eat low fat, “It’s only got this many calories per serving, so just split it in the morning.”

It drives me crazy! And it is just me, or does counting calories seem like an annoying and monotonous thing to do? Besides, a calorie is NOT just a calorie!

The other night at my father’s house, him and his brothers were looking at a box of these meal replacement bars or something. I forget what they are called but they had something to do with helping the onset of diabetes and keeping your weight in check.

I could not help but want to look at the box and see what all the fuss was about.

Can you guess the first thing I did when I grabbed the box? If you guessed that I looked at the nutrition content and figured out if the calories to fat were okay, I’m sorry but you guessed wrong.

If you guessed that I looked at the ingredient list…. DING! We’ve got a winner! That is my first response to any boxed, bagged, jarred or canned food (aka PROCESSED food). To me, the quality of ingredients in what is contained in the foods is what matters most to me. This is probably why if you open up my pantry and refrigerator I do not have much that is in a box, bag or can.

So what did I find on the ingredient list? Well the first ingredient was unsweetened chocolate I believe then a whole slurry of chemically-induced names followed.

Pffffft. This is what is supposed to be a meal replacement? THIS is what is supposed to be helping stop the onset of diabetes? Give me a break.

Do people really still fall for that crap? Apparently because my step-grandmother bought it for my dad because of my uncle’s recommendation I believe. It seems my dad was believing it as well.

As I was reading the ingredient list and snickering to my cousin about how NOTHING on there was nutritional, my uncle commented that all the ingredients with chemical sounding names was not the main composition of the bar. That “chocolate is the main ingredient.”

Yeah, whatever. I’m sure the 30 ingredients that sound like a chemical concoction outweighs the main ingredient of chocolate. Who knows what happens in those bars when all those ingredients mix with one another. If we can not pronounce the names of the ingredients how do you expect our bodies can?

Wait.. since when was chocolate a meal replacement any way? Oh don’t worry, it’s infused with artificial vitamins and minerals and some protein (that is probably genetically modified or contains some kind of antibiotic or hormone).

It’s so unfortunate that so many people are stuck in their close-minded ways of thinking. I always try to give advice on nutrition to my father but he is alongside with the many other people that believe their way is right, that their doctor knows what’s best.


Wouldn’t life be so much less stressful if we were not caught up in the act of making eating a science? Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if we could simplify and just eat whole, fresh unprocessed foods (and eat them before they get bad?). If that were so, I believe the human race would be a much happier, healthier whole.

But then Big Food and Big Pharma would be out of a job…

What a wonderful world that would be.

That is all. Thank you for listening to my rant.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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2 thoughts on “Since When Was Eating So Complicated?

  1. I know exactly what you mean, as I do the same thing. And I think the same thing – why does food have to be so complicated? Once upon a time what people ate was real food, now you have to look high and low for it.

  2. I once heard a good friend of mine sigh: “Oh! life would be so much easier if I just closed my eyes and did what everybody else is doing.” But I knew she didn't mean it (I mean, she's the one who makes coconut water kefir!). I guess those of us who decided against selling our souls to convenience foods get to do a lot of work making things from scratch. Satisfying, though.

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