Cheap Food Equals Cheap Health. Period.

What do you think happens when you put diesel fuel into a car that takes only unleaded?

Surely nothing good can come out of this situation because, simply put, the car was not meant to take diesel. The car will begin to not run properly and eventually will break down. All that in between time until the car breaks down will be spent paying unnecessary out of pocket costs trying to “temporarily” fix the situation. You will get frustrated, angry, defeated. The solution is so simple though– put the right kind of fuel in it.

Wouldn’t you agree this to be the same with the food we put in our bodies? When we consume things that are not meant to be consumed we become unhealthy, unhappy humans. We spend huge amounts of money with doctors trying to figure out how to “cure” the symptoms or diseases– everything from diet programs to medication.  In most cases though, the solution is quite simple. Change how and what we eat.

Before my mind was ready to take on this real food journey I was definitely one of those “cheapest of the cheap” shoppers. I would do anything to save money and would try to find the cheapest alternative. Whatever the cheapest food was, give it to me. Now, don’t get me wrong- I love me some savings. I shop smart and use coupons when I can but I have learned that there is one thing that shouldn’t be skimped on: Our food.

Food is the essence of all beings. Food is love. Food is joyous and special. Food is also the fuel for our bodies. We simply can not expect to be super humans with premium health when the food we put in our bodies are full of toxins, GMOs, antibiotics, hormones and everything and anything else that is not considered natural. (And I’m not talking about the FDA’s classification of ‘natural’) We should not be consuming anything that has been made in a factory, period. By this I mean the foods that have been created by man, not by earth: Processed junk foods that have ingredients that can not be pronounced, vegetable oils like canola, corn, soybean oil and things like margarine or “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” (So what is it then if it’s not butter???)

If you can not pronounce the name of the ingredient in those crackers you are eating then how can you expect your body to pronounce them and use them properly?

People are amazed that we pay $8 a dozen for high quality pastured eggs or $7.25 for a half gallon of pastured raw milk. The common response is, “Wow, that’s so expensive!” To the average Joe, I guess it could seem to be expensive. But I wonder if anyone has ever asked, “Wow, why is that so cheap!?” when they pick up a box of goldfish at the store. Is sustainable food really that expensive or is the majority of the food that people consume so cheap? And why are they so cheap?

It continues to amaze me that people can’t imagine spending $8 a dozen on nutrient-dense, brain building eggs but can spend $500+ on a new designer hand bag (without ever flinching!). (What a sad, sad thing)

Personally, that $8 a dozen for eggs is a price I am willing to pay for. In the short term it does not seem like I am getting a deal but I am confident in the long run I know that taking care of my body will pay off. I will be free of disease and free of bad health all because I was conscience of the choices I was making and because I understood the importance of putting the right kind of fuel in the bodies of myself and loved ones. Do we have to sacrifice a lot in order to be able to buy those eggs? Yes, of course. But my number one goal is to make sure my family is eating the most nutrient-dense, brain building foods possible. Ensuring that my son grows up to be healthy, strong and smart is the utmost important thing and I am willing to sacrifice my material pleasures.

So, next time you are tempted to buy food because it is super cheap– think again. The only thing you will benefit from is the small amount of money you will have saved now. You can count on the high chance that your health will be paying the price later.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

This post is part of: Monday Mania

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