37 Lies Brought to You by Monsanto and the Junk food Gang

I meant to post this before election day but we have just moved so my time was very limited and the house was chaotic! Although my heart is deeply saddened that Proposition 37 did not win, my soul is happy. So many hundreds of thousands of people who did not even know what a GMO was, are now in the light. Some are more informed then others but at least the word ‘G-M-O’ is ringing in peoples minds. I feel the grassroots movement ultimately did not get defeated because this has catalyzed into something much greater. 29 other states across the country have been inspired by California to start ballot initiatives. The end is far from over and I guarantee, the 90% of citizens in the United States that want GMO’s labeled will get their way.

What can we do right now? Boycott all those companies.You can continue to make your voice be heard by where you spend your money. Don’t be fooled by organic brands- most are owned by Big Food Giants.

I got an email from the Organic Consumers Association that came out with a fantastic article about all the lies and dirty tricks Monsanto and the gang pulled in order to sway California citizens to vote no on 37.  Click here for the full article.

Prop 37 had common sense exemptions but with $45 million, you can sure create a lot of lies. I’m posting a couple of my favorite on here but I highly encourage you to go to the article and read it. If you or someone you know believed what Monsanto had to say in their deceiving propaganda, take a minute to read these. You’ll be surprised… or maybe you won’t.

After all, the root of all evil begins with a seed from Monsanto.

Directly from the Organic Consumers Association’s article-
#4 Scientists for HireTRICK: University of California at Davis professors oppose labeling GMOs because they understand the science of genetic engineering, they know its benefits, and they’re confident that GMOs are safe. TRUTH: UC Davis professors oppose labeling because they are financial beneficiaries of the same pesticide companies that are funding the No on 37 campaign.
Source: “Experts” are Shills for Big Biotech

#8 Lies about Newspaper EndorsementsTRICK: In an anti-Prop-37 TV ad, the San Francisco Examiner is featured prominently as having editorialized against Prop 37. TRUTH: The San Francisco Examiner has endorsed Prop 37.
Source: No on 37 Ad Yanked

#14 Lies about the World Health OrganizationTRICK: The World Health Organization says GMOs are safe and there’s no reason to label them. TRUTH: WHO recognizes “the need to examine the potential negative effects on human health of the consumption of food produced through genetic modification” and that “consumer concerns have triggered a discussion on the desirability of labeling GM foods, allowing an informed choice.”
Source: The World Health Organization

#17 Lies about a Ban on GMOsTRICK: Prop 37 bans genetically engineered foods unless they’re specially re-labeled or remade with higher-cost ingredients. TRUTH: Prop 37 wouldn’t ban anything, it would just let us know what we’re eating and allow us to make an informed choice about GMOs. Prop 37 doesn’t confer any regulatory authority that could be used to ban GMOs under any circumstances.
A Label, Not a Ban

#19 Lies about Frozen Pizza vs. Delivery PizzaTRICK: Why would a frozen pizza from the grocery store with genetically engineered ingredients be labeled GMO, while a pizza with the same ingredients delivered from a restaurant wouldn’t? TRUTH: Frozen pizza from the grocery store has an ingredients label on it. Pizza delivered from a restaurant does not. Prop 37 can add GMOs to a label, but it can’t add a label to food that doesn’t already have one.
Source: Opponents Have Holes in their Loopholes

#20 Lies about Fruit Juice vs. AlcoholTRICK: Why would fruit juice with genetically engineered ingredients be labeled GMO, while alcohol with the same ingredients wouldn’t? TRUTH: Fruit juice has an ingredients label, alcohol doesn’t. Prop 37 is just about adding GMOs to the label, not adding labels to products that don’t already have them.
Source: Opponents Have Holes in their Loopholes

#21 Lies about Soy Milk vs. Cow’s MilkTRICK: Dairy products, eggs, meat and poultry are all exempt. TRUTH: No, they’re not. All dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, and fish, for that matter, will be labeled under Prop 37, if and when genetically engineered animals are sold for human consumption.
Source: The Truth About Exemptions

#31 Lies about Trial LawyersTRICK: Prop 37 was written by trial lawyers for trial lawyers. TRUTH: The California Right to Know campaign began with the efforts of Pamm Larry, a former midwife, farmer and longtime Chico resident. In 2011, Pamm started organizing mothers and volunteers across the state toward a 2012 ballot drive with only one goal in mind: to let California consumers know if the food they are eating is genetically engineered. With the help of thousands of volunteers, the Right to Know campaign gathered nearly one million signatures from California voters within a 10 week period.
Source: The Truth About Lawsuits

#34 Lies about Lawsuits Against FarmersTRICK: Farmers will get sued. TRUTH: If they’re selling direct to customers, farmers need to label their genetically engineered produce. If they’re selling into the supply chain, all farmers have to do is provide sworn statements as to whether or not their crops are genetically engineered (if the crops are typically GMO). Genetically engineered seeds are patented, they can only be used under contract and must be purchased each year, so farmers definitely know whether they’re growing GMOs. Monsanto’s the only one suing farmers.
The Truth About Lawsuits

I’m looking forward to being a part of a national movement and I sure hope you will help spread the word about this issue. A new website just launched called GMO Inside.org which, once signed up for their newsletter, will give you non-GMO options and let you know what you can do to get involved.

The health and future of our children are dependent on the actions we take today. Change is possible. The people will prevail.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

This post is part of: Pennywise Platter 

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