Gluttony and getting back on track

This is how I felt for about 2 weeks


I’ve been meaning to write this post and have either gotten distracted, been too busy in the kitchen, too busy with a headstrong toddler or maybe and probably all of the above! My younger sister was here for about 6 six weeks and prior we hadn’t seen each other for a little over 4 years. I decided to take a mini vacation from blogging so I could spend the remainder of her visit fully involved.

The last 2 weeks she was here I kind of got off of my regular eating routine and it all started when we spent a long weekend up at my aunt’s lakehouse. We snacked on all sorts of crackers, brie cheese (LOTS), cookies… I mean you name it! Plus if you add alcohol to the mix it is definitely something that is not considered “normal” in my household (unless you’re my husband.. (: I love you!). Following that weekend, we got another package of Whole Food’s chewy chocolate chip cookies and all three of us ate at least one cookie for the next 3 days (until they were gone of course).

Doesn’t that look amazing?

Thursday (Aug. 2) my aunt and uncle took us all out to this Jamaican-Californian cuisine type restaurant called Whipper Snapper. I found Whipper Snapper when I was looking for restaurants that served local, sustainable, organic foods. What a fantastic restaurant! The food is great but because it is a Jamaican style food everything is a little on the spicy side, to say the least! Phew, I normally don’t do well with spicy but the fish tacos were so good I had to keep eating them. The main thing I was looking forward to (as well as everyone else) was the dessert- dreamy, creamy, fluffy, chocolate mousse. YUM! I thought we were going to get one for the 5 of us but my Aunt said “We don’t do desserts like that around here.” So each of us got our own chocolate mousse. Can you say glutton? 🙂

Friday, my aunt and uncle (on my father’s side) took us out to eat to a local Italian restaurant (also serves local, organic, sustainable food) called Grazie! Bread, bruchetta, wine, risotto, banana pudding and more wine filled that night which left us feeling glutton two nights in a row.

At least Andrew was eating good- organic strawberries and blueberries for dessert

Saturday was my birthday and we spent it hanging around, got some lunch at Chipotle (our Chipotle sources local, organic, hormone free foods) then spent the night celebrating my second cousin’s Bat Mitzvah. As you’ve probably already guessed- food, wine, hard alcohol and dessert was the main attraction (although my sister and I danced our butt’s off). Not to mention that my husband had the drunk munchies so we stopped by Safeway on the way home and bought 3 tubs of Haagen Daiz ice cream (yes, 3) and a package of cookies. Whoa nelly!

By Sunday I was feeling pretty gross to say the least. But we still had one more day of celebration and had birthday cake, chips, dips, hot dogs… BBQ galore!

PHEW! I hadn’t eaten like that in quite some time and some of you reading may think it doesn’t sound too bad but things like eating out, cakes, crackers, bread, desserts, and alcohol are not the norm for me. I was definitely feeling it too because I must have gained at least 5lbs during that time. I’m pretty sensitive to my body and when it doesn’t feel right but even my husband said he was feeling pretty lethargic and overweight too.

Needless to say, when we said our very unfortunate goodbye’s to my sister, it was crack down time. Eating like that was fun while it lasted but both my husband and I were more than ready to get back on track.

Here are some of the things I’m working back into my normal routine:

  • Tiny bit to no eating out
  • Getting back on track for taking my cod liver oil (and giving it to Andrew too!)
  • Walking a few times a week
  • Making homemade stock
  • Trying new vegetables
  • More cooking with coconut oil
  • Little to no consumption of bread products
  • More meats and veggies
  • Homemade healthy muffins (check out these banana nut muffins from Mommypotamus… I tried them last night and they turned out delicious!) for quick breakfasts
  • Looking to try a fermented food like sauerkraut
  • Little to no sweets unless homemade
  • Drying fruit and making fruit leathers
  • Start making homemade tomato sauce to freeze
  • Start reading more (I kind of fell of the wagon and have to jump back on it)

What do you think? That’s a pretty good list to get rolling on! Have you indulged a little bit lately? I feel like I got my indulging out for a while now and am so happy to get back to normal eating habits. It’s been about a little over a week so far and I’m already feeling tons better. It’s amazing how food can do that to you!

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

This post is part of: Fight back Friday

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