Saturated fat is NOT the reason people are unhealthy!

If you read my prior post about saturated fats you know that I came into conflict with a family member about the issue of saturated fats being healthy or unhealthy. Since then it’s almost as if my mind has been glued on trying to really figure this out.

A week or so ago my cousin brought me a book by Dr. Sears called The Zone Diet to explain to me why he feels saturated fats were meant to be limited in the diet. He opened up to a page about why saturated fats should be limited and with an open mind, I read it. I was a little curious so I decided to continue reading and came across a paragraph saying fatty red meats, egg yolks and organ meat should be completely avoided in the diet.

What? Did I read that right? How could that be when the discoveries of Dr. Price showed that consuming red meats, egg yolks and organ meats were crucial to the diet? With organ meats considered a super food? And egg yolks essential to the healthy development of the brain?

I closed the book and told him I couldn’t keep reading because it completely contradicted what I’ve read to be true. Plus, I’m already so skeptical when it comes to these big name people with their books on diet (they always seem to be with the “politically correct” information). I decided to show him my pamphlet I got from the Weston A. Price Foundation which included information on “The Myths of Saturated Fat,” and the findings of Dr. Price.

In response to reading the pamphlet he said (paraphrased), “Well the people he studied didn’t eat sugary or refined foods so the risk of having saturated fat outweighs the dangers of eating sugary, refined foods.”

More or less what he was saying was the only reason saturated fat is good in the scenario of the people Dr. Price studied was because there weren’t a lot of other bad foods in their diet. But if you combined sugary, refined foods with a diet consisting of a lot of saturated fat then that is really bad for you.Regardless, saturated fat should be avoided. We ended the conversation there because we didn’t want to let the politics of diet get us upset. But, it was far from the end for me in my quest to better explain my reasoning on why saturated fats are essential and not dangerous.

Therefore I decided to go to who I always go to when I’m confused about things related to food- Jessica. I emailed her my concern and the answer she gave me is what I have been looking for! This is the email response-

“In my opinion, it’s best to read the information from both sides of the debate.  That being said, I eat the way I do because I agree with the research that backs up the information provided (a great deal of which came from WAPF).  If I’m not mistaken, the WAPF did a book review on the Zone Diet.  You may be able to find it on their site.  If not, I’ll look through the quarterly magazines.  My G’Mom always said “we have everything we need on this planet to nourish and/or heal ourselves.”   We just have to sort through the garbage to get to the real food.  Look at the facts.  I think you posted about this on your blog, too.  Did changing peoples fat intake make any huge health differences?  Did they suddenly stop having medical issues?  If so, we could stop the debates.  The traditional diets observed by Weston Price and the health of the people eating that way were not a questionable percentage of people.  The tribes, in their entirety, were healthy until they began to incorporate OUR way of eating.  Dr. Price helped many people recover from illness using food. 

If you are eating a diet of saturated fats and no sugary refined foods and you are healthy (as with the people Dr. Price studied) that just makes a stronger argument for the fats being healthy.  People became unhealthy as they added the foods that didn’t nourish their bodies.  These people were not barely living day to day on a traditional diet.  They thrived.  Hence, the study.  The people were so amazing in comparison that it prompted Dr. Price to dedicate years in pursuit of what made them this way.  This is a difficult concept for people to grasp.  As you know, eating this way takes time and it isn’t a commitment most will make.  Sometimes it’s easier to stick our heads in the sand and remain status quo.

If the people Dr. Price studied were going to be unhealthy from eating saturated fats, they would have been unhealthy before the sugary foods were added.  We know this because they lived generations on their traditional way of eating with no health issues.  Since they did not display ill health until the refined foods were added, it is safe to say that the latest addition is what made them unhealthy.

It’s a huge and illogical leap to say the combination is what’s wrong when their way of life prior to sugary refined foods produced an incredibly healthy group of people.  Those dots cannot be connected.”
Ahh, thank you Jessica! I truly would be lost in this world of food without you. 
I hope that if any one is still confused or questionable about saturated fat, this brings some closure to the topic. What Jessica stated in her email couldn’t have been put in a more simpler way on why saturated fat is NOT the reason people are unhealthy.
Now go get yourself some rendered pastured lard to fry your food in!
Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

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