Fresh produce delivered straight to my door!

A week or so ago Living Social was promoting a deal for the company Farm Fresh to You. The deal consisted of spending $15 for $31 worth of organic, local fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your door.

I’ve purchased a few vegetables from Farm Fresh to You at my local farmer’s market before and was happy with the quality so I decided to give the deal a shot. I mean, who can pass up organic, local fresh produce that is half off… PLUS it gets delivered straight to your house!?

Once I got the voucher from Living Social, I went onto Farm Fresh to You’s website and picked the type and size box I wanted. There were so many different options! You could choose between a small box, regular box or monster box. You could choose between a mix of fruits and veggies, just veggies or just fruits. There were things like a “Valley Box” and a “Regular Mix Box.” They had a category that consisted of produce that were easy to prepare- meaning no cooking required.

They delivered the produce to you on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and there is no commitment which means you could cancel at any time. Their delivery wasn’t permitted to just houses either- they offered delivery to offices as well.

I opted to go with the large Valley Box that consisted of: heirloom cherry tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, red potatoes, sweet onion, nectarines, apricots, broccoli and turnips. I chose this box because I use most of these on a daily basis so it just made sense and was practical to me!

I was very pleased with the condition and quality of the food considering they were delivered to me in a box. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend trying this company out! You can look at it as an opportunity to support a local business that practices sustainability!

If you aren’t in the area, I recommend finding a local farmer’s market or going online and seeing if any farm near you has a doorstep delivery or even a local drop off!

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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