My feelings on socialization and home schooling

Okay so I had a couple readers ask me what my thoughts were about the social aspect of home schooling. I guess my last blog left out that crucial subject that almost everyone talks about when it comes to home schooling.

How do I feel about socialization and home school?

Well let me ask you, what is the point of school? To learn right? It seems like now-a-days school has taken a turn towards the worst and we’ve lost sight of what to go to school really means. Kids are more focused on who is wearing what and what their friends are doing Saturday night than actual school. Kids are getting shot, stabbed, killed and are constantly being exposed to the negative side of socialization. If you don’t own something that’s new, you’re not cool (I can go on and on about this). We deal with teachers who don’t care because they are underpaid, important teachers being cut, curriculum’s lengthened (as if there wasn’t enough already jam packed in one school year!?) and class sizes getting bigger.

Don’t forget the school lunches that have ammonia filled pink slime burgers and other nasty things that shouldn’t even be touching a child’s mouth. One preschool aged child had a federal agent take her lunch away (lunch was made from home and consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice) because it didn’t meet the “guidelines” and wasn’t nutritious enough. What did they give her as a more nutritional replacement? Chicken nuggets. Yup, you heard me, chicken nuggets from industrially raised chickens that were pumped with various hormones and antibiotics, not to mention that the chicken was fried in genetically modified rancid vegetable oil (which produces trans fats- one of the most deadliest fats out there). Hmmm, something definitely seems wrong with that picture don’t you think? Read more about that article here

Then you’ve got the parents that chose to not vaccinate their children and then to have their children come home one day with a list of vaccinations that were given without the parent’s consent.

Schools are just not what they used to be and I feel much better bearing the responsibility of teaching Andrew than someone who doesn’t care. Please do not get me wrong, I respect teachers and the hard work and dedication they put into children. I believe there are still teachers out there that are passionate about what they do but let’s get real- the caring teachers are harder to come by. All I’m trying to point out is that I will know what Andrew’s strengths and weaknesses are and I will be able to help him get through it better than someone who has to worry about 30 other students. One on one time is so crucial and let’s face it, children in public schools simply do not get that luxury.

Ugh! I’m sorry I think I got on a rampage there and veered away from the point of this post.

Socialization with home schooling. From what I understand there are home school play groups, sports teams, and tons of extra curricular activities children who are home schooled could get involved in. You have to remember, school wouldn’t consume most of Andrew’s day so we’d be able to pick and choose activities to get involved in without the worry of him getting over loaded.

To go to school means to learn, not socialize. Andrew wouldn’t be dealt the normal dramas like he would be dealt in a public school but that doesn’t really worry me too much. I think he will get all the life lessons he will need in order to be successful if we choose to home school. By no means am I a sheltering type person and would never shelter my child from life and life experiences they must go through.

I think all the benefits that are given from home schooling outweigh the slight possible chance that Andrew won’t get enough socialization. I don’t want to hoard my child from the world and not let him go make friends! I’m simply trying to say there is a specific time for friends and a specific time to learn. By being home schooled the parent has more control over when those times are ensuring the child gets the most out of each one without the interruption of the other.

I hope I answered some questions and gave legitimate reasoning. Remember, I am just starting the journey and if I don’t try it, I will never know. Life is all about taking chances and I feel confident about this chance I want to take. What’s the worst that could happen? If things don’t work out then we go to plan B.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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