First try at homemade soaked granola

If you’re like me, you grew up on having cereal for breakfast. It was quick, easy and delicious! I love eating things that crunch in your mouth so cereal was my favorite… I even liked it at dinner! I usually ate cereal like Mini-Wheats or Rice Krispies as my mom never allowed my sister and I to have Fruit Loops or any of the high sugary cereals. Although I do have to admit on occasion she would give in to the begs and pleas and let us have Frosted Flakes and Captain Crunch.

The love of cereal for breakfast continued through my teens and to my twenties (seeing as I’m only [about to be] 22). I made the switch to cereal like Special K or Multi-Grain Cheerios as I thought eating cereal like that would suffice in giving me a nutritional breakfast. I went for cereal that marketed more whole grain because after all, isn’t that the status quo? More whole grains equals healthier you…plus, it makes you lose weight! *shakes head* Oh the things we innocent consumers fall for because of the brilliantly thought out, truth-twisted marketing schemes.

Then a glorious thing happened (bring in the trumpets!)- I made the transition to the real type of healthy diet. When I say diet, I don’t mean the kind of diet that is low-fat this, fat-free that, count your calories like a mad woman (or man), drink only a “protein” shake that consists of a concoction of things you can’t even pronounce type of diet. I’m talking about the whole, fresh food, full fat, raw, deliciously amazing diet and as you can imagine breakfast cereal was not in the whole, fresh food group. Sadly (at the time) that was one of the first things our household gave up.

Why is breakfast cereal bad for you? Well it’s all in the process of making them and that process is called extrusion. The grains are exposed to a very intensive, high heat which makes them actually liquify so they can then be transformed into all those fun little shapes you find in boxed cereals (nowhere near the actual true shape of a whole grain). Because the process is so brutal, the protein in the whole grain gets denatured and becomes toxic and allergenic! Is this making you think twice about buying cereal again?

So maybe organic brands are better? Wrong! Think of it this way, the more whole grain the cereal advertises the more toxic it is (due to more protein in the whole grain).

Which brings me to say our family has been cereal free for about 6 months now. What do we eat for breakfast then? Mostly pastured eggs, pastured bacon, with the occasional french toast treat. Eggs have become a staple in our diet and we’re okay with that because eggs are full of good-for-you nutrition.

Just recently though, my husband started complaining about the craving for cereal. I had to put my thinking cap on and rummage through all the recipes I had gathered- I remembered I had saved a recipe for soaked granola that I had been wanting to make but never found the time. I guess the time had presented itself!

Homemade Soaked Granola Recipe
I found this recipe from The Nourishing Home and it caught my eye because it was titled “The Best Soaked Granola!” I decided to give it a shot because it required soaking the grains. Soaking grains is a necessity if you don’t want the grains to wreak havoc on your gut. The soaking process breaks down the phytic acid making it easier to digest.

That being said I bought all the ingredients and started the soaking process. I mixed the grains with a combination of butter, unrefined coconut oil, unsweeted organic coconut milk, water and raw apple cider vinegar then let it sit on my counter for 48 hours. 

After the soaking process was completed I mixed honey, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract together then poured it into my bowl of grains. Combined the ingredients very well and laid it out on two rimmed baking sheets topped with parchment paper. I cooked the granola for about 8 hours and every 2 hours I took them out, broke the mixture into pieces (getting smaller with each rotation). I let them cool over night and voila! Crunchy, crispy, healthy naturally sweetened granola. The recipe called for adding mix ins like almonds or coconut shreds but I just put some plain granola in a bowl and poured some chilled raw milk on it. Yum!! It was so good and now we have an option for breakfast cereal if we are craving that crunch.

Click here for the full recipe and instructions

It is a long process making granola unlike driving to the grocery store and picking up a box of cereal but the benefits of homemade soaked granola tremendously outweighs the convenient factor of a box full of toxins.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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2 thoughts on “First try at homemade soaked granola

  1. I can't wait to try this! I missed my delivery of my coconut oil, so I had to leave the signed note on my door so they know they can leave it on the porch! I am so anxious to get it, I'm hoping for today because I have found a recipe for a coconut oil pesto that I want to make! Thank you!! Where do you find things like raw apple cider vinegar?

  2. Awww bummer about the coconut oil! I hope you get it today too. Yum, coconut pesto? Once you try it you'll have to let me know how it goes. Your local health food store is going to be your best bet for finding things like that. I get the brand 'Braggs' raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar from Whole Foods and I found the coconut milk (which was called for in this recipe) at Whole Foods also. You can also try to find items

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