Who Knew Coconut Oil Could do all This and More!?

Wow! Who knew such a simple thing like coconut oil could do complex things like reverse dementia or reverse Alzheimer disease?? But wait, isn’t it impossible to reverse Alzheimer disease? I mean, there are tons of drugs out there that won’t even fix it so how could something so simple like coconut oil do the trick? Because the drugs on the market are intended to subdue symptoms not fix problems. If they fixed the problems then Big Pharma would be out of business, quick!

Ladies and gentlemen, the articles I have below are more reasons to back up why I believe people do NOT need medication in order to get better. A couple months ago, we were at dinner for my stepmother’s birthday and I had mentioned to my uncle that I read an article about coconut oil helping reverse Alzheimers. He was completely skeptical and did not believe that something like coconut oil could do such a thing. So, I became determined to gather enough evidence that would blow his skepticism out the water. For a few months now, I’ve been compiling legitimate articles I’ve read about the health benefits of coconut oil. I plan on giving him this compilation soon. I tell EVERYONE I talk to about coconut oil and why they should cook and use coconut oil. I hope more and more people will become aware of the health benefits and use coconut oil to their advantage. I figured it would be great to share these articles with my readers to show how wonderful coconut oil really is!

Please take 5 minutes to at least read one of these articles because they are proven examples of why you don’t need to rely on a medication to solve the problem.

Does it make you wonder? Does it make you question the pharmaceutical companies? What really is their intent?

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

3 thoughts on “Who Knew Coconut Oil Could do all This and More!?

  1. Wow. These blogs always have me in awe. I really dislike going to the doctor for anything because they only ever give a medicine that doesn't work. And so many of these articles back up how I've always felt about it. I want your
    Blog to go viral so every one gets better educated about this stuff.

  2. I'm glad they do that to you. I wish more people understood this concept of self heal instead of going to a doctor to “fix” things.

    I want my blog to go viral too!! I'm not sure how to do it though. Patience?

  3. Well let me get back to you on that one. My step mom is really into blogging, working from home, entrepreneurial kinds of things- And she is always promoting her own website & so many of her friends. So I will ask her if she has any ideas about what could help. I'm sure patience goes a long way too 🙂 you're the best!

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