Who said Popcorn Couldn’t be Healthy? DIY Popcorn!

Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s a perfect addition to any movie or even as a snack without a movie!

With that being said, I have recently been addicted to making popcorn… the old fashioned way. You know, putting the kernels in a pot and shaking it until it pops. I’ve chosen this method because of how terrible microwavable popcorn is for you.

Unfortunately the convenience factor of making popcorn out of the bag comes with serious health risks. It all starts with the bag that is coated with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which can cause cancer and tumors (has been backed up by researches with lab rats and such). Oh, but wait it doesn’t stop there. What about that bring-home-the-movie-theater-popcorn-that-is-oh-so-buttery taste? Yeah, that also causes problems, particularly in the form of lung disease. That “butter taste” contains a chemical called diacetyl. Diacetly is used as a food flavoring and is the main culprit in all artificial butter tastes. And last but not least, using the microwave is the fuel to light the fire of the ticking health bomb.

Microwaves, although convenient, are terrible inventions. They zap your food of nutrients (imagine if you’re microwaving conventional foods that are already filled with toxins), leak out radiation, have been linked to health problems, changes our food’s chemical structure, and not to mention, when you’re heating something up in plastic it can make the carcinogenic toxins leach out into your food. I think it’s pretty safe to say that microwaveable popcorn is like eating poison.

So how does one go about creating such a delicious snack without eating a bit of poison? Make it yourself!

DIY Popcorn

Make sure you find organic, non-gmo popcorn kernals! We use this brand..

Okay, let’s get started-

  • 2 TBL extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • 1/4 cup popcorn (find a non-GMO brand here)
  • large pan with lid
  • unrefined sea salt (find it here)
  • virgin coconut oil (find it here)
  • melted, unsalted organic butter (optional)

Take your pot and add the 2 TBL of EVOO on a medium high heat. Add popcorn and cover with lid. Shake continuously until you hear a pop. Once kernels start popping, shake occasionally but mostly let them do their thing. As the popping subsides, shake again and take off heat. Drizzle on coconut oil, butter or a mixture and sprinkle on salt (or any type of seasoning you want!). ENJOY!

I personally have just been using the coconut oil because it tastes SO good! The sweet and salty combination is amazing. Plus, virgin (unrefined) coconut oil is super healthy for you and helps stop the sugar cravings. I actually was craving a cupcake the other day and decided to make some popcorn instead with a little bite of my favorite, healthy chocolate.. It immediately took away my sugar craving and  I was satisfied 🙂

Andrew LOVES the popcorn with coconut oil. We’ll eat the popcorn together… I bite off the hard part and he eats the soft, mushy part of the popcorn. You can say we work well as a team. 🙂

So next time you ever need a quick, healthy snack or are getting ready to enjoy a movie, take the extra few minutes to pop some of your own popcorn. It tastes so much better!

To read more about the dangers of microwaves, click here

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

2 thoughts on “Who said Popcorn Couldn’t be Healthy? DIY Popcorn!

  1. Please try and source from things other than wikipedia because anyone can edit the information. Source from reputable people who have done research like Dr. Mercola who I have provided the link to the article regarding microwaves.

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