10 Mothers against the State of Minnesota

As I was scrolling through Facebook this morning looking to see if there were any interesting health related posts, I passed one that was posted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. It was about a radio talk show’s interview with a mother that lives in Minnesota and how she and 9 other moms got served a warning from the Minnesota department of agriculture stating “if they kept continued helping provide fresh food to their family and neighbors they will be subject to criminal charges and prosecution. They stated the mothers are violating food handling regulations.”

As I continued listening to the interview, he brought one of the mothers on air and asked to hear what was going on. She said all she does is provide a space in her garage where coolers are filled with various types of fresh, raw products for her friends and family. She continued to say that she never dealt with any money, all the items were already paid for, she doesn’t get a cut for providing her garage and although she got offered to purchase the foods at half price, she denied because she wants to support her farmer the most she can.

Melinda, the mother that was being interviewed, read the second to last paragraph of the warning she was served. It stated, “After reviewing the evidence gathered during the investigation, MDA has determined the issuance of this notice of warning is appropriate. MDA warns that should you continue to sell or distribute unpasteurized or other foods illegally in the future you will be subject to administrative penalties, criminal prosecution, or other enforcement remedies available to MDA (Minnesota Department of Agriculture).”

Can you believe that?? Again, the government is focusing their time on the wrong things. She is neither selling or distributing for any type of profit. The radio talk show host Josh Tolley made a valid point saying if she and the 9 other mothers were handed this warning, than all the churches that have food pantries and people who give homeless people food should be served a warning because they are also distributing food without a food handlers permit.

Things like this happen all the time and it’s so ridiculous to think a basic principal like the right to choose what type of foods we want to feed our family is being so regulated! Basically, our freedom to choose is becoming more and more limited because all the government wants is control. They like to say they are regulating things to ensure your safety but really all they are doing is hurting us. If they are regulating to ensure our safety then they should probably go after all the companies that create GMO foods, ammonia washed chicken and health care products that are made with toxic ingredients. I’ve attached the video just in case you’d like to hear the entire interview. I know it’s long, but it’s so worth it to become more educated on what’s really going on.

I hope this motivates you to continue to purchase foods from your local farmer because every food bought is one less money made for the people who don’t give 2 squats about you or your families health.

Let’s not leave our children in a country that has no freedom of choice.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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