Why consuming pastured meats are more important

Eating fruits and vegetables that are free of any kind of harmful pesticide is very important to your health but I believe consuming organic, pastured meats are more important.

When you eat meat you are obviously eating something that used to be alive. Take a conventional cow for example- Prior to being slaughtered the cow may have been confined for their whole life. They are fed hormones to produce milk faster and to get fatter, quicker. They are pumped with antibiotics because of how sickly they get due to the unnatural environment and diet.

Cows are ruminants, and ruminants are designed by nature to digest grass and only grass. They digest it first by eating it raw and then by regurgitating it and eating it again in a partially-digested form known as cud. As ruminants, cows have four chambers in their stomachs, and as a cow digests, the food moves slowly from one chamber to the next [1]. On a factory farm cows are fed corn, soy, grains (often all GMO and grown the conventional way with use of pesticides) and sometimes even things like meat from animals of other or the same species, meat from diseased animals, bits of feathers, hair, skin, hooves, blood, manure and other animal waste, plastics and antibiotics. They are fed these cheap nasty products to get them overweight. Cows become extremely sick and develop serious health problems because of the unnatural diet they are fed. Then they are pumped antibiotics to keep them in working condition. 

Because cows are ruminants they are meant to live free outside in the sun. Most conventional cows spend only a small portion of their lives on green fields and are then taken to feedlots where they are chained up indoors for the rest of their lives. They live in small quarters on concrete ground and in their own manure where sickness and disease can spread quickly. Can you imagine how unhappy this animal is?  What if you were chained up your whole life?


By the way, this is most likely what the chickens look like when you buy the supposedly “cage free” eggs.

The same thing goes for chicken and pork. They are fed unnatural things in their diets and kept in small confined areas where they can not go about their natural way of life- foraging on pasture, socializing, taking in the sun. Some factory farms cut the beaks off the chickens and they get fed arsenic to promote growth and fight disease. Arsenic can cause a variety of health problems in humans, including warts, sore throat, cancer and poisoning [1].

All of the things you hear are true. And most likely, the meat you are eating comes from these sick, unhappy animals.


They eat cheap, unhealthy, unnatural things to get them fat- you eat cheap, unhealthy, unnatural meat that make you fat. They get pumped with hormones and antibiotics- you eat hormones and antibiotics. Ever wonder why young girls are hitting puberty at ridiculously low ages? Pesticides are known to “bioaccumulate” (or build-up) in the fatty tissues of animals, and when these animals are eaten, the pesticide build-up may be transmitted to the consumer.  This exposure to pesticides increases people’s risk of developing cancer, and is also known to have long-term effects on our reproductive, nervous and immune systems [1].

Instead of spending billions of dollars trying to come up with new medications and vaccines and whatever else they are coming out with (because America is completely unhealthy), why don’t they spend the money and create proper facilities for the animals that feed us! Why don’t they stop feeding them things like soy and corn? Let them eat what nature intended for them!

Did You Know? Roughly 25,000 square kilometers or 6 million acres of the Amazon rainforest is cut down every year for grazing cattle and to grow soybeans that are used for animal feed.[1]


It’s simply not sensible to eat these sickly, unhealthy and unhappy animals. For one, it’s terrible to treat animals that way…for two, it’s making America into a very unhealthy country and for three, it’s bad for the environment! Europe won’t even buy chicken that was raised in the US! Doesn’t that tell you something!? Of course because we live in the United States and things are so screwed up, the FDA and other government agencies try to cover up the dangers of these actions. Unfortunately, it’s all about money and these people in charge of treating the animals the way they do don’t give two, you know whats about the outcome and effect it has on our nation.

This is why whenever it’s in my power, I am feeding my family only organic, pastured meats. Yes, it is more costly than conventional meat but at what price are you going to pay to ensure you are putting the right things in your mouth? If you feel you can’t afford it, evaluate your budget. See if you can sacrifice other things (for instance, going out to eat or the mini clothes shopping trip every month) so you can afford to buy pastured meat. It really is that important. You have to do anything and everything in your power to make sure you give yourself the health you deserve. Just because you feel okay now doesn’t mean in 10 years it will be the same.

The easiest and most convenient way to find the right kind of meat is to go to your local health food store like Whole Foods. The only problem with Whole Foods is they tend to jack the price up a little and they may not be as good as you can get. You need to do your research to find sustainable farmers. EatWild.com is a great source to help you find local, pastured meats- Click here to search by state. When you buy direct from the farmer it can cost a little less.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

[1] http://www.sustainabletable.org/issues/feed/

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