Birthday Party Success!

Wow! We had SUCH a great time at Andrew’s birthday party yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came- especially those who had to drive an hour away. It was so great to see everyone.

Hosting my son’s 1 year birthday party was the first time I actually hosted something that big. We had the party at my father’s apartment complex- they have a really nice entertainment room with a full kitchen, plus a bbq and pool outside. I made a million lists and double checked every thing twice to make sure I was completely prepared. I figured if I gave myself 2 hours before the party started it would be plenty of time. I wanted to make sure Andrew had a good morning nap so he was fully energized… the last thing we wanted is a cranky baby on his birthday. If you have kids, younger siblings or nanny… you know things can’t and won’t go perfect.

Andrew ended up sleeping a little later than I had anticipated so by the time we got every thing loaded in the car it was already 11:15. It took 20 minutes to drive to my dad’s, drop Andrew off with him and take everything to the pool area. We were now looking at only an hour and 15 minutes to get EVERY thing done. My cousin Sivan, her boyfriend Jason, cousin Ortal & Edan and my dear friend Joe arrived just in time to help unpack everything and start to get things rolling. We had to decorate the place and make appetizers; deviled eggs, salsa, hot buffalo chicken dip, a salad, ceaser dressing and queso dip. Yikes, I was definitely starting to get overwhelmed especially since I was the one in charge of delegating and telling people where to put things and cooking at the same time. Plus, my dad brought Andrew back because he had been crying the whole time I left him. That added another stress because Andrew would not let me put him down. Thankfully, Cassie and Henna arrived to the rescue and took Andrew to calm him down and keep him preoccupied (they nanny full-time so it was perfect!). Lindsey arrived a few minutes before the party started with the cupcakes and cake and thankfully she offered to help make the buffalo chicken dip. Scott had finally arrived with the balloons and ladder so Jean (Lindsey’s mom) & my aunt Paula started to help with tying the balloons off. Sivan, Edan, Jason and Joe helped with last minute decorations while Ortal and I were busy in kitchen. It’s definitely difficult to socialize and cook (as fast as we could) at the same time so I spent most of the time preparing the food. We ended up not making the queso dip because I would have been in the kitchen for the whole duration of the party and we had enough food. I’m so blessed to have amazing friends and family because without them the party would have been a disaster!

It’s amazing how much time it took to make a few appetizers! I didn’t think about how long it would actually take to make things since we were making it for 20+ people. Most of the party had already arrived and we were able to get fresh salsa out on the tables with some chips for them to munch on. Second came the deviled eggs and then the hot buffalo chicken dip Lindsey made. My dad brought korean bbq (which was great!) and his wife made roasted potatoes and some fruit salad. The hard work paid off because every thing turned out delicious. I think by the time Ortal and I had gotten out of the kitchen it was about 2pm.

We were able to relax a little and eat some lunch and then it dawned on me that I had not taken ANY photos! If I ended the day and had no pictures of Andrew’s first birthday I would be completely upset with myself and would be regretful til the day I die! Ortal offered to be the paparazzi for the day and I can not tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for him! He totally saved the day in more ways than one. We ended up with amazing photos that captured every moment of the day!

After lunch we did presents and cake. It was so much fun helping Andrew tear wrapping paper off his presents and watching him pull things out of bags and boxes. He got SO many cute outfits- I can not wait to put them on him. He is definitely going to be fitted for summer. 🙂 Andrew enjoyed cardboard clothes boxes to play with while we did most of the unwrapping.

Next we did the cake. At first I was going to make a sweet potato pie for Andrew but I decided since it was his first birthday he could eat some of the cake Lindsey made for him. It was made with coconut flour, pastured eggs, brown sugar, butter and sour cream. I didn’t feel as bad about giving it to him because of the ingredients. We lit the candle and all sang him happy birthday. He very much enjoyed it and we had to make sure we kept his little paws off the lit candle! Andrew didn’t really jump into the cake. Scott and I had to start it off for him and after we did he only took little itty bitty pieces for each bite. It was so adorable though! I stuck my finger in the cake and.. oh my gosh, it was the most amazing thing I have put in my mouth in quite a while! It beat any store bought cake for sure. I can’t even begin to describe to you how mouth-watering the cake was. I know for any future cakes I will be going to Lindsey, without a doubt.

All in all, the party was a success. It was a beautiful day, the food was healthy and delicious and the company was great. My husband and I couldn’t have asked for anything better and we hope every person who came out enjoyed it as much as we did.

Until next time-
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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