Planning a 1 year old birthday party

Whew! I can not BELIEVE my little booger is going to be a year old tomorrow. I thought time flew before I had Andrew but it really does fly when you are taking care of a little one. This year has been rewarding, frustrating, wonderful, overwhelming, fun, enjoyable, exciting, memorable, scary… etc.  The list can practically go on- in a nutshell though, it’s been great. It’s amazing how much Andrew has learned from 1 day old to 1 year old and I’m so proud of him! Plus, it’s a celebration for my husband and I for being newly married first time parents (all within a year) and not killing each other through the process. I feel pretty lucky to have him as the father of my son and my life partner.

Turning a year old calls for celebration! We all know there is a lot to plan when you’re hosting a party- decorations, location, invitations, food, cake, drinks. The two things that concerned me were the food and cake. It’s easy to throw packaged, processed food filled with refined sugars, rancid vegetable oils and every other thing that is unhealthy on the table for people to eat. Now that I’m conscientious of what’s in my food, planning a birthday party seemed a little difficult. I wanted to make sure I was providing real, home cooked food but also making sure I gave myself enough time to prepare, cook and decorate.  See, I feel if I am the one hosting the party, I do not want to provide garbage food. It’s important to me to make sure all the ingredients are wholesome, antibiotic/hormone-free, organic… you know, the good stuff. All of this can be costly when you are hosting a party for 20+ people. My husband reminded me that some people don’t care about what is in the food they eat and don’t care that soda is bad for the body. Although I know this is true, it doesn’t really matter to me. You know why? Because I care. I feel bad supplying food that I know is bad for the soul. 

I originally planned on making grass-fed burgers and getting nitrate-free sausage to put on the grill but my father insisted on getting korean bbq. We had a little conflict of interest because I said I wanted to make sure the food was healthy but in the end I let him get it. Scott reminded me that people don’t offer often and sometimes it can be offending to decline. So, I decided to take it in my hands to at least prepare healthy appetizers. I’ll be making homemade salad (with homemade ceaser dressing), salsa, queso dip, a buffalo chicken dip and some deviled eggs. Most of the items that will be used will be purchased from the farmer’s market tomorrow, fresh. My step-mom will be making a homemade fruit salad and some delicious roasted potatoes.I will be posting the recipes along with pictures in the next few days. Plus, there are many birthday’s to come that I can strategically plan for.

As far as the cake, I am very blessed to know someone (who is dear to my heart) who bakes extremely well! Lindsey’s family actually took me in for a few months so I guess you could call her my long lost sister. Any way, she is extremely talented (especially decorating) with baking and she accepted the request of making Andrew’s cupcake cake. I feel very lucky because she worked with me in my special requests- coconut flour, pastured eggs, sea salt, no vegetable oil, real butter.  If Andrew is going to be taking a few bites of this cake, it must have somewhat healthy items in it. Plus, I’m trying to keep him away from any kind of grain product because it really isn’t that good for the body, ESPECIALLY a baby’s growing body (can I still call him my baby!? I don’t want him to grow up). As of right now, I do not know if she has a website up but if you need a cake for a special occasion she is DEFINITELY the girl to hit up.

I can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow and share the photos!

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

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