My favorite Dark Chocolate bar

Okay so this is completely off track of what I was going to write about this week but I couldn’t help to dedicate a short blog post about this deliciously, amazing chocolate. If you read my prior post about dietary guidelines, it says to avoid chocolate but it never hurt to break the rules every once in a while! I’m not saying to go out and buy 10 bars of chocolate and eat it every night for the next week, but it’s nice to indulge in something sweet from time to time. Every thing in moderation.

I tried this chocolate for the first time at Jessica’s house about a year ago and instantly fell in love. Dark chocolate is my favorite and the toasted coconut in here gives it a great taste. The next day, I was on the hunt! I checked EVERY WHERE! Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Nutrition S’mart… every place that could possibly carry this chocolate.. I checked! I finally gave up but always kept it in the back of my head. For Valentine’s Day this year, I stopped at Whole Foods and purchased some Theo’s dark chocolate and milk chocolate with almonds for my husband and I to share. I figured since the dark chocolate & coconut was good, these must be good too. What I found was it to be extremely bitter and I could only take a little bite. Yuck, I instantly had a longing for the delicious taste of dark chocolate and coconut. I was going to buy them online but I wanted instant gratification!

Two days ago, I walked downstairs to Whole Foods to buy some pork chops for dinner and I strolled down the chocolate aisle- wishfully thinking of course. I looked at the Theo selection and didn’t see what I wanted, so I started to pick up and read the labels of different brands of chocolates. None of them really fit my criteria for what I wanted in chocolate. Just as I was about to give up, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the packaging for the chocolate I have been dreaming about for the past year!! I couldn’t believe it! I must have missed it because it was slightly pushed back. I had to buy 3 bars just in case I’d never see them again. I came home with a skip in my step and enjoyed a piece of chocolate after the delicious pork chops we had for dinner.  Buy this chocolate by clicking here.

Don’t forget, unlike milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants gobble up free radicals. Free radicals are destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other ailments. So having a piece or two every once in a while really isn’t detrimental to your health.

I do have to say not every dark chocolate bar is good for you! They can be filled with unnecessary, nasty ingredients. Remember to read the ingredient label! The shorter the list, the better! Just try and make sure your indulgence has wholesome, non-GMO ingredients and is free of any rancid vegetable oils like canola or soy (this includes soy-lecithin).  Remember things like milk powder or any low fat milk can contain MSG.

I hope you can find this delicious chocolate bar because beside it being overwhelmingly delicious, it’s also part of the non-GMO project! You can have some comfort in knowing your food hasn’t been toyed with bio-engineered ingredients.

Until next time,
Loriel – Healthy Roots, Happy Soul 

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